Nickel Heat Exchanger

The Nickel  tubular heat exchanger mainly consists of shell, tube bundle, tube plate, deflection baffle and seal head. The shell is mostly cylindrical, there are many tube bundles consist of tubes inside, the two ends of the tube are fixed on the tube plate and the axis of the tube is parallel to the axis of the shell. The one fluid flows in the tube is named as tube fluid, its route is called tube bundle; the other fluid flows outside the tube is named as shell fluid, its route is called tube side. In order to increase the speed of the fluid passes to improve heat transfer, baffle was installed in the shell. the shell side of the baffle plate can improve the fluid velocity, forcing fluid according to the rules of transverse through the tube bundle for many times, and increase the extent of fluid turbulence. The wall of tube bundle is the heat transfer surface.

Nickel  tubular heat exchanger.jpg

The heat exchange area is ≤5000m2; Operating temperature is -270≤t≤1650; Allowable pressure vacuum reach to 60MPa.

Application Fields:

Tubular heat exchanger is the important equipment in the field of oil refining, chemical industry, electric power, etc. it accounts for about 40% of the total equipment according to refineries statistics. Tubular heat exchanger is not only the main equipment, also the principal means of reducing energy consumption and cost, so the tubular heat exchanger technology is one of the main sign of refinery technological complication.

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