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Generating energy
More than half the growth in global energy demand will go into generating electricity. In the process, natural gas and renewable sources of energy will increasingly replace coal. More than one third of the growth in electricity generation could be attributable to renewables. A similar trend is occurring in global primary energy growth, where a quarter of this volume could be covered by renewables.

For coal, oil, gas, wind, or water: Grano has the right solutions when it comes to generating and providing energy. Our products are used in power plants worldwide. Irrespective of global trends, our expertise and knowledge involving the fuels powering the world economy will continue to be in demand.
Electric power is a kind of high quality secondary energy, in the use of energy it occupies a considerable proportion, power technology has changed the way people live. Coal and oil as fuel for thermal power generation, in bringing people a huge amount of power at the same time ,but also produced waste gas and waste, cause environmental pollution. Therefore, the development direction of thermal power generation is to develop high-parameter units, improve the efficiency of thermal power plants, and develop cogeneration and gas-steam combined cycle units.
With development of power industry, more and more high efficiency heat transfer products are used in power plant closed cooling system, thermal system and heat recovery system, more than 20power plants around the world have used more than 1000 sets of boge heat exchange products. These products provide power plant system-based optimized solutions in addressing material corrosion, heat recovery and utilization, improve the power generation efficiency of power industry.

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