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People’s pursuit of comfortable living and office environment never stops. Building contractors around the world are looking for products that are reliable and cost effective for the use of comfort heating and cooling systems, BOGE heat exchange products with perfect performance and service conquered the heart of users, it is widely used in various HVAC operating conditions, such as district heating, domestic hot water, pool water heating, district cooling, central refrigeration, heat pump, geothermal collection, ice storage, pressure barrier and so on.

Domestic Hot water
Good heat transfer performance makes the plate heat exchanger gradually replace the traditional
vessel heating system, small installation area, more economical investment.
Pool Water Heating
Install heat exchanger to circulate pool water independently. In order to avoid the corrosion of the plate by chloride ions in the swiming pool, please choose the plate material carefully.
Solar Energy Collection
Solar energy is one of the cleanest resources of energy, it gets more and more people’s attention , by using a heat exchanger the loop for collecting solar energy can be separated from the loop of domestic hot water, thus effectively protect the domestic hot water loop cleanliness.
Ice-storage System
The use of heat exchanger in ice-storage system can isolate water and glycol solution,the result is an increase in the return on ivestment.
Ground Source,Water Source Heat Pump
Heat exchanger is used as a separation device of heat pump host and open heat and cold source, can overcome the corrosion of water to the host and other sensitive equipment.
Pressure Barrier of High-rise Buildings
To avoid high system pressure in high-rise buildings, plate heat exchanger is adopted to separate the zone pressure, thus greatly reduce the use of large pump and pipelines to overcome system pressure.
Open and Closed Circulating Water System
The use of heat exchanger separates the open cooling circulation system from the closed circulation system of the unit, effectively protect closed cycle system clean, extended the service life of the unit.

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