Titanium Heat Exchanger
Titanium Heat Exchanger

  Titanium Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
Lead Time:30 working days
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Product Features:
Full titanium design: titanium shell & titanium tube, excellent anti-corrosion to acid, alkali or seawater.
Optional Choice:
a) Tube Type: Standard: straight-tube; Optional: U-tube
b) Painting Colour: Standard: Black; Optional: Green, Blue, White, Grey, Red, Orange, etc.
c) Baffle Plate: Standard: H-shaped; Optional: Spiral-shaped.

Application & Industry
1) Comfort Cooling for Central Air Conditioner
2) Industrial Refrigeration & Heating

1) All components are self-made from raw material inside our factory.
2) ISO9001 system ensures factory effective organization.
3) ISO14001 clean production & eco-friendly to protect our world.
4) Quality Assurance System ensures excellent & stable quality:
- National certified third party pressure-holding inspection.
- Welding beam X-ray exam
- Pressure Vessel interior magnetic powder/ultra-sonic test
- Water-bath Leakage tests, etc.
5) Customized dimension & configuration, to build your most suitable Heat Exchanger!


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